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  1. Can u pls re-do and add Hellberg? Thank u very much and Maybe Pavol Rybar of Slovakia?
  2. Thanks Tyson, I can't find Hellber anywhere
  3. Hi Tyson, could u pls do Marek Ciliak, Ville Husso, Magnus Hellberg? All goalies. Thanks.
  4. Thank you, could u pls do San Antonio? Thanks
  5. Pls Kometa Brno Mask Marek Ciliak
  6. Can u pls make Mask of Magnus Helllberg and Filip Gustavsson? Or a Sweden fantasy mask? Belleville AHL fantasy mask?
  7. Can u pls make a Sweden Fantasy Mask?
  8. Hi, can u pls make Patrik Bartosak and Pavel Francouz? Thanks
  9. Hi Kane, looking forward to all the finished OG jerseys soon.

  10. Hi Kane, will u also update the goalie olympics helms and equipment on wasserlasser? Some do not work, Thanks