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  1. MCH to you, perfect job from you every year. IIHF Junior ice u20 (optional request☺️)
  2. Aprreciate your work - looking forward to TELH facepacks.
  3. Lauko has a cyber (andy many others cybers made here before) Sadovnik77: Its possible make my request or you are not interested...maybe you dont like czech players, or hockey clubs with czech players
  4. Great to see you are working again on TELH ices 19/20. Thanks!
  5. Great to see guys you are back again. Hope you will continue in your work also for season 19-20. 100% real masks as always:)
  6. Could you make please Jan Kovar (CZE) and Matus Sukel (SVK) ? Thanks
  7. Please Czech Republic jerseys with new logo. thx