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  1. Promiň že ti Píšu ale ty stejnak nemáš V.I.P členství takže si je nestáhneš pokud je někdo udělá

  2. LF to this project (ELH 19/20)! Hope the gameplay AI will be corrected for playing "normal" hockey.
  3. thx for IIHF21 masks
  4. Thanks for Czech TELH ices
  5. if the amount of 300 rubles for a patch is expensive for you, name your own?

    1. Spartan


      its ok im just curious

    2. Cobratin


      for a year subscription of 1000 rubles and download everything you want and as much as you want get the vip status

  6. Ahoj rekl 300 rublu 1.soubor na nase je na 90 kc

  7. zMaker: how much at least should i donate to download your file (NHL jerseys). Thx
  8. Totty could you make if possible some TELH 20-21 ices?
  9. Could you make a template of goalie stick - Bauer Ultrasonic Goal STK?
  10. ahoj mohl bys prosím vytvořit dresy Kladna na sezonu 2020/21 děkuji předem

  11. And can you make Roman Horak (Czech Rep.) ?