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  1. The second exhibition file is the additional file created by NHL View. It is not associated with the original rosters. It is for extra players that are associated with a team in NHL View but are not actually in the team's roster in the game. If the file is not there. The players are hidden. I never had an error message but I never used the RHL mod. What did the error message say?
  2. Did you run BHImport? Post pics of where you put the files.
  3. Hi please ask where I would find a new NHL goalie because I had to register again at Wasserlasser and write to me that I banned the admin and he did not answer. So I ask for help
    1. DSgamby


      That's the only place I know.

    2. Wasserlasser


      You are not banned, you must have multiple accounts which is not allowed.

    3. DSgamby


      Wonder if he had the same problem as me.

  4. The reason why I asked is because laptops graphic cards are not supported and can cause the game to be jumpy stuttering. Do you have updated video and sound drivers?
  5. The file is trainer2005.fsh and it affects every team
  6. I am guessing a file in the actors.viv file.
  7. You can't add those. It is not programmed in the game. Just a trainer helping a player off the ice.
  8. What the hell? Speak English.
  9. You can't even install addons. Now, you want to make your own. You need a program like Photoshop which is expensive.
  10. Is UAC turned off? Just use the ModifyFaces file that is linked in How To Get Addons to Work with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and Basic Addon Installation
  11. 28 bucks off eBay. 40 bucks off Amazon.
  12. Where did you put the exhibition.exh file?
  13. Really Franck. You still don't know how to install rosters?
  14. That’s for cyberfaces. This is for facepacks.