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  1. Antti Niemi (Jokerit Helsinki) - pads by Spidey
  2. Janis Kalnins (Jokerit Helsinki)- pads by Spidey
  3. Hello - I found new gear for Juho Olkinuora som I did it. Juho Olkinuora - pads by Spidey
  4. I am working on Anti Niemi mask and gear, and Sateri mask. One question - where I can find mask from last year - I need textures - because I have found some photos of goalies and some goalies have still old masks. Thanks
  5. The point is to agree - who will do what / who - mask pads - so it doesn't happen that we t are doing the same thing.
  6. Hello I made a list of all goalies. So write me who all will interested in project - I mean from addons makers.
  7. Great thank you - one question. Do someone have good photos of Vasily Koshechkin mask?
  8. Great I will try Niemi, Saterri, Tretiak mask. And too I can make gears - maybe if you have better photos send me. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, you know I don´t have much free time for addons, but I am still interesting in - If you want some masks or gear for KHL goalies - I can make. So if you have some good photos please send me.
  10. Andrei Vasilevski (Rusko) - maska podľa Zidane110 Jacob Markstrom (Švédsko) - maska od Zidane110
  11. Fantastic work. Great jerseys.
  12. Marek Ciliak (Slovakia) - mask by Spidey
  13. Cory Schneider (USA) - mask by Spidey
  14. Kevin Lankinen (Finland) - mask by Spidey
  15. Thank you stlouis26 to make a thread. Now me and Zidane110 working on goalies for IIHF World Championship 2019. Here is some masks. Matt Murray (Canada) - mask by Spidey Patrik Bartosak (Czech) - mask by Spidey Leonardo Genoni (Switzerland) - mask by Spidey

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