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  1. Pads ok - but blocker and catcher are not correct - because you made CCM E-flex 3 and he has E-flex4
  2. Adam Reideborn (Ak Bars Kazan) - pads by Spidey
  3. senators96 thank you. Yes this is what I writing about. I think best will be first make gears - because many goalies have old mask from last season - so is possible that they will have new mask - but gears are new. I'm going to start working on the gears - team by team - ok?
  4. Hi guys - I have one question - I saw some gears here - but if you want - now I working on my templates which missing - and then I can make all gears if you want - just write me. If you are interested, because like I wrote once - write me if someone will make some gears . Now I have - Bauer, vaughn, ccm, brians - now I working on Miklin - so just write.
  5. I really like mask like Enroth have - so I started. Maybe tomorrow will be.
  6. Hi guys - which mask or gear you want next - are too many options - so I can't decide which one ?
  7. Alexander Sharychenkov (Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk) - mask by Spidey
  8. Hi sorry, but this mask need some fix. Is not really good. I am help.
  9. Tyson12 mostly Photoshop - Illustrator I use just justfor vectors - logos.
  10. Finally I finish first mask. Antti Niemi (Jokerit Helsinki) - mask by Spidey Which mask do you want next - or gear?
  11. Antti Niemi (Jokerit Helsinki) - pads by Spidey
  12. Janis Kalnins (Jokerit Helsinki)- pads by Spidey
  13. Hello - I found new gear for Juho Olkinuora som I did it. Juho Olkinuora - pads by Spidey
  14. I am working on Anti Niemi mask and gear, and Sateri mask. One question - where I can find mask from last year - I need textures - because I have found some photos of goalies and some goalies have still old masks. Thanks
  15. The point is to agree - who will do what / who - mask pads - so it doesn't happen that we t are doing the same thing.