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Последний раз stlouis26 выиграл 17 сентября 2015

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  1. Awesome that you use the time until the next KHL season with those NHL jerseys.
  2. Amazing work
  3. Joe Bonamassa is great - saw him two years ago in Stuttgart / Germany and it was a fantastic
  4. Great start in the new season Andrei (still have to "accept" Adidas as I associate Adidas with soccer and not hockey) and thanks again to Demoul for his huge amount of jerseys he did the last years. I hope you are OK and have found a job and found time for your hobbies.
  5. Meanwhile I understand it (bad google translation)
  6. Perfect, thank you
  7. Serge_66 sorry my fault I thought he need a mask template. Can you please reupload the Lada-Mask (seems the link is broken). Thanks.
  8. AM31:
  9. Serge_66 the multi talent - great work
  10. I wish you a great birthday chechoo18.
  11. Hey MrHighSpeedInternet :-) all the best for your birthday and thanks for sharing some huge files (you are a great person).
  12. Is this fantasy or did they use it during a game in 16/17 season -looks very good.
  13. Mokrov sorry for being late: I hope you had a great birthday and I wish you all the best (health, self confidence, ....)
  14. @zMaker: Thank you so much. Still looking for the game when CSKA wore the white retro jersey. Also saw that Dinamo Minsk got a new sponsor on pants (in December 2016) ? Maybe you still have motivation for a little update - again fantastic work and thanks a lot for all your effort