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stlouis26 стал победителем дня 13 августа 2017

stlouis26 имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  • День рождения 25.03.1973

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  1. They are already "intergrated" if I remember correctly. Just download Elite Addons Jersey.
  2. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    :-) sorry could not resist but it always great to see the jerseys of "our" semi-final opponment. Excellent job @zMaker.
  3. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    Singing: Oh happy day - so great and I'm happy that you find time for creating jerseys.
  4. Воскресе́ние Христо́во!

    Счастливая Пасха всем православным друзьям Enjoy the day with your families and is there still the tradition of hitting eggs (for the children) ?
  5. С Днем Рождения!

    Happy Birthday @VojghiV. Have a great party and good friends around to celebrate.
  6. С Днем Рождения!

    Russian is great language. When I was a kid and sick at home I always watch Telekolleg in austrian TV where they teached Russian. Nowadays I regret that I have not invested more time as I really like what I know about Russia (people, culture and history) - I should invest more time to learn much more about Russia.
  7. Формы IIHF/Jerseys IIHF

    @zMaker: It is like x-mas and birthday together. I know you are very busy and therefore this is a real surprise. And ULTIMATE Masterpieces as always. Thank you so much.
  8. С Днем Рождения!

    с днём рождения Sergey. Hope you have a great day and all best wishes.
  9. I don't get it why they choose those 2 clubs ? As I read these teams like Novo also had a good development concerning education of hockey players. Was it because of the money ?
  10. С Днем Рождения!

    Thanks my friends for the kind wishes. Had a great day with good friends.
  11. Works by Totty

    That Is Urban Developers and Investors LTD but it is hard to find the logo - here is the small version:
  12. Works by Totty

    I'll try to help and I know that you are not impatient and totally can understand your decision. Maybe you should ask as NHL2004 to as Trent is from Finland and there some Finns over there. Don't get worried about Xiri. Ich kann dich verstehen - auf Xiri warten wir nun schon ewig und er lässt nichts von sich hören. Ich würde in deinem Thread im NHL2004 Forum nachhaken und mir keine Sorgen wegen Xiri machen.
  13. Do it on your own. Download the file and use a graphic tool to resize them if needed and FshX to import it.
  14. Work's by Demoul

    You have everything to bring it in the game. The graphic and FsHX is freeware. Learn it on your own - it is time.