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stlouis26 стал победителем дня 13 августа 2017

stlouis26 имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  • День рождения 25.03.1973

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  1. Works by Ark

    Great work - on Shikin's stick is still the text " Stepanek" - would be great if you could remove it and provide an update.
  2. First Spengler Cup (since I follow the tournament) without Arno del Curto on Davos bench :-(
  3. Maybe we should try to create a KHL goalie package. @Ark is doing wonderful stick (no offense @redfury91), @redfury pads, bmsk by cnaba (or similar - so have no cyrillic letters) and @senators/serge66 masks - would be awesome.
  4. Great work and especially great that you have found time to create these masterpieces.
  5. Works by Ark

    Thanks for the stick and I asked for Stolarz to have the stick in a same style - Pepis did a great job (no critic).
  6. NHL Icepack 2018-2019

    Now I know why Kings over at wasserlasser use colour and 48 point letters - it is everywhere (people are to lazy to read).
  7. Works by Ark

    Thanks a lot for the sticks. I saw at wasserlasser that Pepis did a stick for Stolarz but I would love to see your version.
  8. Works by Ark

    Ark, I wrote I DON'T want to push you :-) Thanks so much !!!!
  9. So you should wait for RHL 17 or 18 @zagitov21
  10. If there is no official release no one will answer. And: What is RHL16 - I mean what season ? Maybe it should called RHL 18 or ...
  11. Видео Ретро-хоккей - 2

    Why do I always have to think about MiniMe from Austin Powers when I see G. Bettman :-) ?
  12. Work's by DenisJulia

    Wow that was quick. Thanks.
  13. Work's by DenisJulia

    Great work on the Sharks, maybe you'll find time to do a torf for the alternate jersey, too.