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  1. Congrats to Russia - we have not lost Gold, we have one silver. I really enjoyed the final and Germany was really good. I like the fact that team Russia showed respect and I love that Kovalchuk was really happy when he got the gold. Also happy for Datsyuk and surely for every Russian player. I also love that the players and russian fans don't care about IOC hymn and sang what they should have heard :-)))
  2. Works by senators96

    I don't like suggesting/requesting/demanding. Everyone should do what they want to do.
  3. Works by senators96

    Thank you so much, really really appreciated Hope for advancing to final :-)
  4. Thanks to @Totty for all the ices, to @Senators96 for being such a good teacher and everybody who provided helpful information.
  5. Works by senators96

    Maybe someone can ban you finally, Mr. Commander - it is really awful what you are doing.
  6. Торфы

    the only thing he can do alone is requesting :-)
  7. The ice machine is rolling :-)
  8. Thanks for TELH ices - happy that you didn't give up (so many addons on the ices)
  9. Work's by Demoul

    TML Stadium Series:
  10. Works by drgfan

    Did you use the graphic I posted for NHL09 - then it is your fault, cause this is 04 texture and I only posted it for Tyson12.
  11. Works by drgfan

    They are not existing in the original face2004.viv
  12. Works by drgfan

    I don't understand exactly what you need. The crowd texture for every team is not the problem, e.g. But I don't think that there are cyberfaces. Shall I continue or are these 2 enough (they look very similar except the jersey and the "duckface" 1st row, 2nd from left.