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  1. I love SC Bern - asked one times last season, got an answer within one day with very detailled information.
  2. Works by Totty

    Sehr sehr schwierig. Really hard to find, but I keep on searching the next days.
  3. Jerseys NHL season 2017-18

    Hey community, Franck is doing the jerseys and we can expect a full download pack tomorrow !
  4. Works by Totty

    @senators96 has amazing research skills :-)
  5. Works by Totty

    I did not find the logo, but this videos should it larger (change it the 1080p and watch in full mode):
  6. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Maybe LOL but totally understandable. It is really annoying how impatient some users are. Everybody should be happy that VojghiV is doing it and it is not his job it is hobby and we all "profit" from it. People who ask this question should do just one team and see how much time is needed for it.
  7. Good news zMaker and take your time.
  8. @Demoulwrote a long time that he wil maybe do it (SHL jerseys) if we could provide good pictures, but I don't know if he have time as private life has always prio. Time is always a factor (I know what I'm talking about)
  9. Works by Totty

    Du gehtst ab und mir gefällts. Danke für die ganzen Eisflächen. Now you are on fire. So many new ices
  10. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    I like the willing to read a thread. It was written several times that NHL has not been done yet.
  11. Works by Totty

    to what do they belong (ICE ?, which team ?)
  12. I have not seen his concept but it is a shame that the commercial influence so high - I totally agree with quckla
  13. Why wasn't @Demoul asked to design the Jerseys - I don't like what I see so far. And no ..... for writing CANADA on the black one - USA have it on all three jerseys ?
  14. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Thanks Vojghi for the status and your hard work.