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stlouis26 стал победителем дня 13 августа

stlouis26 имел наиболее популярный контент!

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  1. I reallly thank the jersey team. Amazing how fast and how much you are released and always top quality. Thanks for including the alternate too, as I really like this jersey.
  2. Send you some money, hope you get it already or will get it soon.
  3. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Take your time and good luck with the reconstruction of your flat.
  4. ELITE ROSTER 2017-2018

    Sometimes a little bit of co-ordination would be fine :-)
  5. Thank you very much "Jersey-Team" for your continious great addons. Also for Ufa and Sibir.
  6. Works by Totty

    Du haust aber gerade auch eines nach dem anderen raus - klasse. Top you have a great pace at the moment.
  7. Works by Totty

    Klasse Arbeit und über die Qualität muss ich nichts mehr schreiben Top work and the quality is great.
  8. Thanks zMaker, I wish I could have your pace for my 04 project (but not possible at the moment), and your work is more time-investigating than mine (concering the addons).
  9. Franck, you will never learn it. Vit surely knows that Markov is playing with AK Bars, but you don't know that he will do what he wants to do and whenever he wants to do it. Do you have perhaps Alzheimer ?
  10. ELITE ADDONS 2017-2018

    Thanks VogjhiV for the updates and the time you invest in all your work.
  11. Boom boom jersey here, jersey there, board here, board there - there is so much productivity